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PIV Problem In Version

When a so called "problem" shows up, we just remember the ancient Greek expression "problema": the topic of today. A problem is an information package which has to be unpacked and utilized. The problem view is only one of several versions of views. In our workshops and coaching on the job we explain the Problem In Version method. In an average case we find about 8 versions. In about 1 of 8 cases we decide not to solve the problem because the present one is already the best version. So we solve only about 85% of the given problems. 10% to 15% remain as a matter of nature.

AIDEO Innovation Principle

How to organize innovation projects from idea to market? We studied hundreds of innovation success cases and found one common structure. Assessment, Identification, Development, Expansion, Organization, etc.. We will explain this AIDEO principle directly on the job. Now look at the circles with the white arrows. Here are the solutions which are not needed yet and / or not possible yet. The borderline of innovation moves such solutions into the AIDEO innovation business area. This is how novelty comes into our life. Here you find more information about AIDEO ....

HPF Success Booster

Here you find one of the best evaluation tools in order to measure and design success potential. HPF is an abbreviation for H=History, P=Presence and F= Future. H, P and F are success factors which are individual for projects and for given project teams. The goal is to be strong in all three success factors. But innovation tends to have a lack of history and an unsafe financial future. That is why Lingroup invented the HPF Success Booster. It is fascinating to create successful innovation based on history and presence.

HPF Project Selection

How to decide which which project and / or which team will realize better or worse? After intense studies of thousands of innovation cases we could describe a kind of natural law of innovation success. You want to know which project and team combinations will be successful? Here is a simplified but very good method to decide: The three success factors are called H=History, P=Presence and F=Future to make it easy to repeat. The multiplication results in a HPF value between 0 and 729 points maximum. Never invest in projects below 150.

TOMP Rating

Look at a typically strong German innovation project: Giants in Technology but mediocre in marketing. Even the protective power of patents is underestimated, because without patent work many companies run into trouble as soon as they go global. We need a display for this unbalanced situation. We want to show where the innovation work has to be improved. Thus we developed the TOMP Dashboard. The four quadrants are Technology, Organization, Marketing and Protection, representing the four major fields of innovation.



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