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First look at the white and blue star. Here you see how the 360 degree innovation system is organized. Lingroup delivers all necessary services around innovation projects to make them succeed.


Preferably we work together with our client's team directly on the project. We don't talk theory, we go the real way and help out clients realize solutions. That is what our clients like so much.


LINGROUP works for companies and organizations which want to develop improved solutions. Based on more than 20 years successful experience we deliver first class innovation services.





Lingroup is famous for highly productive innovation workshop programs. We create innovation teams and really work hard on the problem. We get together with the experts and discover solutions, create improvements and optimize procedures.


In addition we deliver all necessary innovation services. E.g. research work, trend forecast, evaluation of inventions and ideas, looking for suppliers, writing reports, drafting patents, managing scientific services, etc.




Our powerful trouble shooting workshops help our clients discover ways out of the mess. We cut the problem to pieces, take the information and reconstruct the elements in order to create solutions. Functional and affordable.  

Lingroup has a very wide know-how basis and access to experienced experts. Thus we have a high capability to discover the reasons and limitations and find solutions quickly. 


The Lingroup technology workshop programs help our clients discover and create valuable technology improvement. Improvement is extremely important to stay safe and competitive.  

Our experts deliver precise technology analysis of products, procedures, sensors, materials and machines. We support patent infringement cases, technology evaluation and due diligence.


The productivity and quality work program delivers essential help to increase performance and quality goals as well. Our clients call us as soon as they realize that they either miss the numbers per day or the quality measures or both.   

Once an optimized productivity design and the best combination of production parameters is found, we create the know-how documentation for the details.




Protecting your inventions and novel technologies is more important than ever before. Our IP engineering workshops show the real inventory and novelty aspects, without telling secrets. A perfect basis for powerful patent applications.  

With more than 5000 patents analyzed we are experts in patent evaluation. Our method covers the economical and technological value and the success rate of utilization of the invention as well.




People are the most important innovation success factor. Our organization workshops show the best positions within the organization for all team members. This makes people happy and productive at the same time.  

We know how to explain novel procedures to the user. How to make people remember and change the habit. Especially for production, sales and service teams. 




Ideas consist of elements which are part of our inner world. Upcoming ideas are combinations of such elements, mostly novel for us. It is a creative process which is part of team work, because ideas or errors of others inspire even better ideas.  

Ideas have to be specified and tested. We will manage the scientific work and organize the prove. This way real intellectual property is created, just  based on an idea.


Innovation marketing workshops help out clients create powerful sales strategies. We discover the great and unique sales points. The question is: "Why is it stupid not to buy?" You will be astonished about the answers.  

Explaining complex things in a simplified way is our expertise. We discover fascinating examples and really convincing stories. Even if things show up a bit negative, LINGROUP will help.




Strategy is based on greater vision and specific mission. We support the owners and management teams to make clear WHAT to do and HOW to do it. Then we discuss, how the teams can be set up and WHO will have what kind of tasks .   

Future is fascinating and surprising. But it's kind of predictable as far as you can analyze trends and market dynamics. That's why we collaborate with the best trend consulting teams.



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