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Turning Waste to High Value Material

A client from Central Europe asked for an innovative solution to reduce the annual cost of waste removal. One major budget killer creates € 2 Mio. cost per year. The team discovers a material mixture which converts the waste material to a high value product. The market price for this material is still rising. Meanwhile revenues of more than € 3 Mio per year are earned, instead of the cost.

Patent and IP Trouble solved

An investor calls Lingroup for help because the patent examiner states that an important patent can't be granted. After a few days work and assessment of the real invention we discover an error in the invention description. Thus the patent application did not describe the real invention. Now a new patent application can be drafted and filed successfully.

Winning Tons of Productivity

A Germany based automotive supplier is running into trouble because the number of parts to deliver cant be fulfilled any more. The machines are slowing down with unclear reason and quality is poor. Lingroup starts a productivity task force. The team discovers and eliminates five speed and quality limitations. Productivity can be increased from 85% to 105%.

Innovation Change Management

A large fiancial services firm has developed a next generation financial consulting model. Lingroup is asked to evaluate the best procedure to test the alternative versions, to calculate the success rate, to establish a change management model and to assist the innovation team development. Meanwhile the new financial consulting model is realized according to the results of this project.

New Resources for Green Energy

A biogas technology is required to convert agricultural waste product to energy, since natural degradation produces huge amounts of greenhouse gas. Lingroup finds a partner who developed a microbiological technology to convert lignin based biomass like straw to biomethane. Together we develop a biomass to biomethane conversion plant. The biomethane can be stored and distributed by the existing gas pipeline systems.

Creating IP Assets on Demand

A medium sized company in Germany hires us because they wand to boost the IP and patent portfolio. We establish a small invention workshop team with the CTO of the company. Within six weeks we create eight invention reports. Results show that six of the eight patents filed can be granted. This saves several months of R&D work.

Water and Farming in the Desert

A southern German company develops microbiological substances which can convert sand to soil. With the help of Lingroup a sand to bread conversion system is designed which is capable to produce water at night, based on stored solar energy. This water is used for crop farming purposes. This way more and more soil is produced every year.

Next Generation Dental Technology

Scientists found out that orthodontic treatment is causing biomechanical irritations in the body of children and young adults. In many cases the orthodontic treatment causes psychological disorder, depression and trauma. Lingroup supports the development of a neuro-biomechanically compatible technology and treatment for better orthodontics.

Innovation Marketing for Ballast Water Technology

The ballast water problem is one of the major environmental hazards, because large vessels take the water as balance ballast and reemit this water on other places. This creates huge trouble by the migration of microbes, algae and small plants from one ocean area to another. Lingroup supports the inventors to optimize an UV ballast water technology and to create a highly attractive marketing and licensing system.



Attention: project descriptions show some altered details. This is necessary to hide the identity of the clients. Thank your for your understanding.



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