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Internet of Things, IoT, Industry 4.0

While Germany is questioning how many years it will take to introduce machine to machine and modern sensor interfaces, others already develop the solutions. Now it's time to integrate and innovate. If Germany and central Europe succeeds doing so, they will win the machine market. If not, others will take the machine markets and set new standards.

Microbiology and Bionic 4.0

Microbes and cells have networked communication interfaces. Scientists found out that cells can percept if there are any solutions for a given metabolic problem by sensing external solutions out there in the swamp. Once they find one in high concentration, they integrate the solution element and start to replicate. After a successful test period the external solution will be integrated into the genome. 

What about Brain 4.0

Even after decades of the brain, the fundamental science of the brain is not developed that far. What if we could build brain to machine interfaces. Is this brain 4.0? What if brains can connect and build a network. Then we have to share one model of reality or we get confused. Information scientists still work on the decryption of the brain signals in order to find the codes of emotion and communication.

Sensing Emotion 4.0

Modern smartphones are equipped with emotional interfaces. Face recognition not only knows to whom that face belongs. Dynamic face recognition also has to get the emotional expression. Evolution took Millions of years to develop the visual emotional interface in a mammal's brain. Primates like bonobos are almost as good as humans in reading faces. How fast will the computers be and what will they tell us?

Human Resource 4.0

The industrial revolution is also a revolution of human resource management. After decades of huge human resources we are going to run short in future years. Good employees are rare. And excellent entrepreneurs are even less available. What a huge problem for south German industries. Fortunately industry 4.0 helps to expand even if no employees are available nearby.




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