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Lingroup is a small but excellent innovation consulting firm and an innovation system generator. We work for organizations and companies to create improved solutions for the challenges of the future. Our tools and methods are combined with the personal power and expertise of our workshop teams. This ongoing success is based on more than 20 years professional experience in innovation business. > CONTACT

Vision and Mission

Lingroup provides best of class innovation services and supports innovation teams worldwide to master the upcoming challenges. Our work makes a valuable contribution to a positive, safe and healthy future. Our mission is to establish a new culture of innovation support which creates better solutions even faster and with more sustainability.

Expertise and Method

We developed powerful methods to deal with innovation projects. Once the creative power of PIV troubleshooting is set free, we use the HPF success filter to select the best solutions. We introduce the AIDEO principle as a stage by stage innovation and improvement process. Finally we use the TOMP rating model to check the balance between technologies, organization, marketing and protection.

Lingroup Management

Johannes Landgraf (> VITA), CEO, studied physics at TUM and earned a PhD in human biology at LMU in Munich. He worked on energy systems and medical technologies in the industry. 1997 he founded JL Innovation and the Landgraf Innovation Network (LIN). Since 2010 he is Founder and CEO of LINGROUP GmbH and one of the leading innovation and IP creation experts.

About LIN

Our friends told from China us that LIN has the meaning of "group of trees" or "forest". We like this image because trees are highly communicative, even if they look like standing alone. Originally LIN was an abbreviation for Landgraf Innovation Network. But we prefer the group of trees model to describe local innovation networks.



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